Prototype - ITG - Fall 2017

Carlos Michael Rodriguez

You play as a waiter, taking orders from the guests to the kitchen, then brigning them to the guests. 


W - Move up 

A - Move left 

S - Move down 

D - Move right

SPACE - Talk to guests / chefs

E - Pick up / hold food items / give food items to guests

I - Current inventory


Talk and interact with the guests to discover what their orders are. If you are accurate with your orders after only talking to the guests once, you will be rewarded with more money! Every time you ask a guest what their order is again, they might get mad and offer you less and less! Try to unlock all of the different areas in the restaurant and make the most amount of money you can.


If having trouble with the abstract nature of the current art, here is a key.


SQUARE - Table of guests


HEXAGONS - Guards for different areas in the restaurant to unlock

CIRCLE - The waiter you are controlling


All in all, I'm pretty happy the way the game has been coming along. I believe in the general concept of this being a basic prototype of a larger simulation game in the theme of owning a restaurant. I am happy I was able to get the main thing that drew me to the idea, interacting with customers in interesting ways, into the game. Although the interaction isn't that robust currently, I am happy with the expressiveness of the guests and the ability to extrapolate different "narrative" ideas within each interaction with a guest. In terms of flaws, the simple gather and return method of play I think could use another interesting element. From a design perspective, I wanted to avoid any restrictions to make the player feel like they didn't have the full ability to take their time and enjoy the interaction with the guests. Some people during play testing had recommended some kind of timer system, trying to get the most amount of orders in at a certain time. This follows a trope that is found in many casual serving / waiter games, and I wanted to avoid it to emphasize interaction with the guests and allowing players to take their time taking orders. Overall, I am happy with the current framework to build out a more interesting and engaging prototype, as the tools I built within this project allow me to easily create more content rapidly.


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