This is a top-down shooter, where your objective is to survive the longest. Touching any enemy will kill you immediately.  You can use your primary fire <left click> to stun enemies. After you stun, you can press your secondary fire <right click> which will retract your shot, killing any enemy stunned in its path. This combo is the only way to kill the enemies in the game.

Use <Wasd> or <Arrow keys> to move, and <space> to dash. Successful kills reset your dash cooldown. The number of shots you can shoot at once is located on the bottom right, and changes as you complete rounds.

Game created by Carlos-Michael Rodriguez (

Special thanks to Elliot Winch and Nina Demirjian for programming help.

I did this game jam alone, so there's no sound! Plan to add in the future, along with juice effects.

Made withUnity


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I think it would be really cool if stunned enemies could be killed if you dashed through them as well.